Apply for a Title

What is needed for applying for a title.

Apply for a New Title

The Certificate of Title is primarily issued to the vehicle owner by the DMV to certify the ownership of a motor vehicle and to record information concerning liens (outstanding charges against the vehicle known at the time of title issuance). The following minimum information is contained on a certificate of title: name and address of owner, vehicle make, vehicle body type, model year, VIN, title number, and lienholder information.

A title is a secure document issued by the DMV which proves ownership of a motor vehicle, and should be treated as an important document by the owner. For security reasons, it should be stored in a secure location, for example, a safe deposit box, and it should not be stored in the vehicle. Whenever a vehicle is sold in New Hampshire that is not exempt, a New Hampshire title for that vehicle shall be given to the buyer at the time of the sale.

During the life of a vehicle, only one certificate of title may be legally valid at any one time. In most states, registrations are renewed annually, that is, a new registration certificate is issued each year. However, a new title is only issued whenever the vehicle is sold to a new owner. The new owner must turn in the seller's title to ensure that only one title is in force. The vehicle remains titled until it is destroyed, dismantled or becomes exempt from the title law.

How to Apply for a New Title

An application for a new, New Hampshire title is completed either by a New Hampshire dealership at the time a vehicle is purchased or by a town/city clerk at the time a vehicle is registered. The dealership or clerk's office will forward the completed Title Application to the DMV for processing. Once the application is received at the DMV, a new title will be produced and sent directly to the vehicle owner or lienholder within forty (40) to fifty (50) calendar days.

New Hampshire requires a title to be mailed to the owner or lienholder (if applicable) unless the owner provides a notarized statement asking for the title to be mailed to a third party.

Where to Apply for a New Title

The application for a New Title is a controlled document that may only be prepared by one of the following authorized agents:

  • New Hampshire Town/City Clerks.
  • New Hampshire Licensed Automobile Dealers.
  • New Hampshire Lienholders.

Customers must go through one of the authorized agents listed above for a new Title Application.

When to Apply for a New Title

Any time a vehicle is purchased new, changes ownership or is registered for the first time in New Hampshire, the owner shall apply for a New Hampshire title for that vehicle in his or her name. The following is a list of examples of times when a New Hampshire resident would apply for a new title:

  • Moving to New Hampshire with a vehicle that is already registered and titled in another state.
  • Purchasing a new or used vehicle from a New Hampshire dealer.
  • Purchasing a new or used vehicle from an out-of-state dealer.
  • Purchasing a used vehicle from a private party.
  • Removing or adding an owner to a vehicle.
  • Transferring ownership of a vehicle to another person.
  • Refinancing.
  • When buying out a leased vehicle.

Apply for a Duplicate Title

Duplicate titles are issued when the original title for a vehicle is lost, stolen or destroyed. Once a duplicate title is produced, the original title is no longer valid. Only the current owner, lienholder or a New Hampshire licensed dealer of a vehicle may request a duplicate title for that vehicle.

To apply for a duplicate title for a vehicle, the current owner must provide the following:

Applications may be dropped off at most of our DMV offices, or you may mail it to:

NH Dept. of Safety
DMV - Title
23 Hazen Drive
Concord NH 03305

Once the application is received and verified, a duplicate title will be produced and mailed to the vehicle's owner within five (5) to ten (10) calendar days.

A duplicate title may be mailed to a New Hampshire licensed dealer if the owner so indicates by signing the "Authorization for Mailing" (line 22) on the Duplicate Title Application.

Joint Ownership: If two people are listed as owners on a title, both owners must sign the application for a duplicate. The duplicate title will be mailed to the first listed owner.

Lien Release Required: If a lien was recorded on the vehicle when purchased, the owner must provide a Release of Lien signed by the lienholder with the application for a duplicate title.

Make Corrections to a Title

Corrections may be made to a New Hampshire title and a new corrected title will be reissued. Corrections may include, but are not limited to:

  • The model name of the vehicle.
  • The number of axles the vehicle has.
  • The mileage.
  • A name change for one or more of the owners.
  • Change of the lienholder.
  • Whether the vehicle is new or used.

To obtain a corrected title, take the existing New Hampshire title to your Town/City Clerk's office. The Town/City Clerk must prepare a new title application (form TDMV 23A). The application should then be mailed directly to the Division of Motor Vehicles or submitted for you by your Town/City Clerks' office. The title application, along with the prior title, the $25.00 fee and the reason for the change must be submitted.

To add or change ownership of a vehicle, follow the instructions for Selling or Transferring a Vehicle.

If a mileage correction is required, you must provide a signed statement from the person who originally misstated the odometer reading. Notarization is not required.