Update Personal Information

What you need to know about updating personal information, including address, name and gender changes.

Address Change

State law requires New Hampshire drivers to notify the DMV within 30 days of an address change.

To change your address, please submit a completed Record Change Request Form, a photocopy of your current driver license to any DMV Drop Box location. You can purchase a replacement license with the new address for a $3.00 fee. Your permanent license will be mailed to your new address within 60 days.

The Record Change Request Form requires that you provide your name, date of birth and both your new legal and mailing addresses, along with other identifying information. This form will only be accepted if it is signed and dated.

If you are changing your address and you are unable to provide a photocopy of your license because it has been lost or stolen, you are not eligible for a $3.00 replacement; you will need to apply for a duplicate driver license.

Name Change

Any New Hampshire driver who changes his or her name is required by law (RSA 263:9) to submit written notification to the DMV within 30 days. Applicants must request an appointment to appear in person at any DMV office with the following:

  1. A completed and signed Record Change Request (DSMV 30)
  2. Your current New Hampshire Driver License.
  3. Legal documentation of the name change, such as:
    • Marriage certificate.
    • Divorce decree.
    • Adoption decree.
    • Name change petition from the court of Probate.
    • Other court decree authorizing a legal name change.

You must hand in your current New Hampshire driver license and a replacement license with a new photo and signature will be issued at no charge. At the DMV office, you will be given a 60-day, temporary paper license and the permanent license will be mailed to you.

Things to Know about Name Changes

  • Name changes are not accepted through the mail. Members of the Armed Forces and their spouses should review the rules for Military Personnel before processing a name change.
  • If a divorce decree states that the individual wishes to retain his or her married name, then he or she cannot obtain a license with their maiden name.

Gender Change

To change the gender on your license, you must request an appointment for a Gender Change. You will need to bring the following items to your appointment:

Organ Donation Designation

Every time you update or renew or your driver license or non-driver identification you are given the opportunity to designate your consent to be an organ and tissue donor. You may choose to revoke or change your designation at any time by submitting a Record Change Request in person at any DMV office.

By registering with the New Hampshire Donor Registry, you indicate your willingness to help the thousands of Americans awaiting life-saving and life-enhancing organ and tissue transplants. Advances in medical science make it possible to replace a failing human organ such as kidneys, heart, liver and lungs or to provide heart valves, skin or tendon to those in need.

The DMV will release your donation information to a federally-designated organ procurement organization so that your decision to donate may be honored. The DMV is currently working with the New England Organ Bank. Please visit the New England Organ Bank Website for more information about the New Hampshire Donor Registry and your choice to Give the Gift of Life.

donate life frequently asked questions

Date of birth, Social Security Number or FEID

To make a change to your date of birth, social security number or FEID, please visit our Appointments and Services page to make an appointment to submit a Record Change Request in person at any DMV office with the appropriate, official supporting documents. If the change was due to DMV error, you will be issued a replacement license or non-driver identification free of charge.

Next-of-Kin information

Pursuant to RSA 263:41-a, individuals holding a NH Driver License or Non-Driver Identification card may request to add next-of-kin information to their DMV records by filling out our Application for Next of Kin and bringing it to any DMV Drop Box. There is a fee of $3.00 to have your Driver License or Non-Driver ID card reprinted with the telephone number of your next-of-kin.

Medically Recognized Disorders

Pursuant to RSA 263:41-b, individuals holding a NH Driver License or Non-Driver Identification card may request to add a medically recognized disorder on the Driver License or Non-Driver Identification card. Currently, RSA 263:41-b only authorizes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To add this medically recognized disorder, a completed Medically Recognized Disorder Indication application (DSMV 643), signed by a licensed physician may be dropped off at any DMV Drop Box. There is a $3.00 fee to have a Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card reprinted with the medically recognized disorder.

Veterans Indicator

Effective July 1, 2014, RSA 263:40 allows a Veteran with an Honorable Discharge to request to have a Veteran Indicator on their New Hampshire Driver License, Commercial Driver License or Non-Driver ID card for the purposes of identification for receiving benefits and services under New Hampshire law.

To obtain a Veteran Indicator, please fill out the appropriate application (Driver License or Non-Driver ID or Commercial Driver License, and bring it to any one of our DMV locations around the State, along with proof of Honorable Discharge, as defined in RSA 21:50.

If you wish to add this indicator during your renewal, there will be no additional cost; however, if you wish to add the indicator outside of your renewal period please be advised that there is a $3.00 fee for the replacement license or ID card.