Motorcycle License Endorsement

What you need to know when applying for a Motorcycle Permit

Motorcycle License Requirements

Applicants for a motorcycle license must pass a vision test and provide proof of their fitness to drive a motorcycle. Applicants can prove fitness to operate a motorcycle by either passing a motorcycle Basic Rider Class or by taking a DMV motorcycle skills test.

Applicants for a motorcycle license must be at least 16 years old. Any applicant under 18 years old must successfully complete a motorcycle Basic Rider Class and provide a parental permission form in order to apply for a motorcycle license or permit.

Motorcycle Rider Training Program

Knowing how to operate a motorcycle safely takes experience and skill. The New Hampshire DMV offers a statewid Motorcycle Rider Training Program. The program is designed to increase motorcycle safety on New Hampshire streets and highways by providing motorcycle training courses for both novice and experienced riders, as well as increasing the public's awareness of motorcyclists on the road.

Apply for a Motorcycle License

Drivers who have either passed a motorcycle rider training program or taken and passed the motorcycle skills test at the DMV can apply for a motorcycle endorsement by providing the following:

Any applicant, who pays for a motorcycle learner permit within a year of applying for a motorcycle license, will not be charged the $30.00 motorcycle license fee.

Motorcycle Learner's Permit

Upon application, the DMV shall issue a motorcycle learner's permit to a New Hampshire resident 18 years of age or older or 16 years of age or older and under 18 years of age who has successfully completed an approved driver education course and has a valid New Hampshire driver's license. A motorcycle learner's permit shall permit the holder to drive a motorcycle on any New Hampshire road after sunrise and before sunset. The holder of a motorcycle learner's permit shall not carry any passengers. The permit shall be valid for 45 days from the date of issuance or renewal or until the permit holder obtains a motorcycle license, at which time the permit will no longer be valid. The permit may be renewed one time.

To apply for a Motorcycle Permit, applicants may request an appointment by visiting our Appointments and Services page, and bring the following information to their appointment:

  • Completed Application for Driver License or ID Card (DSMV 450)
  • Current Driver License
  • Payment of $30.00, $25 for permit renewal
  • Vison Test will be required
  • Knowledge test will be given for an original permit or for a renewal if the original permit knowledge test was passed more than one year prior to the renewal application.

Motorcycle Skills Test

Motorcycle skills tests are given on a seasonal basis, only when conditions are safe for testing. Once a test is scheduled, it will be held rain or shine. Applicants must schedule an appointment in advance for a motorcycle skills test. Any applicant who wishes to cancel or reschedule a test must give at least 24 hours advance notice.

Applicants are responsible for providing their own motorcycle for the skills test. If the applicant wishes to ride the motorcycle to the test location, he or she must have a valid motorcycle learner's permit. If the applicant does not hold a valid learner's permit, he or she must arrange for an alternate way to legally transport the motorcycle to the test location.

Motorcycles used in skills tests must comply with all New Hampshire inspection laws and rules and must be currently registered and inspected. The motorcycle's size, weight, character and equipment shall conform to the class of license requested.

Any applicant who fails the skills test twice is required to take a motorcycle rider training class in order to obtain a motorcycle license.

Three-Wheeled Motorcycle

Three-wheeled motorcycle applicants will be required to take the same vision and knowledge exam as applicants for a 2-wheeled motorcycle license. The three-wheeled motorcycle skills exam will be given on a similar course as the two-wheeled motorcycle exam.

A person who holds a three-wheeled motorcycle endorsement may drive any registered three-wheeled motorcycle without holding any other class of driver license, but shall not drive any two-wheeled motorcycle.