FAQs – Driver Licenses/Non Driver IDs/CDL

Frequently asked questions regarding Driver Licenses, Non Driver Identification cards and Commercial Driver Licenses.

How can I obtain a REAL ID compliant Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card?

Information regarding REAL ID compliant identification may be found on our REAL ID page.

How can I obtain a New Hampshire driver license?

The requirements for a New Hampshire driver license will vary depending on the driver's age, citizenship status and the status of any current or past licenses. Applicants should review our Apply for a Driver License page for more information.

Will I receive my driver license on the same day I apply?

When you apply for a driver license or non-driver identification you will be given a temporary paper license or temporary paper non-driver identification.

Is it necessary to go to the Concord office each time I renew my license?

All Visa Holders and EAD Card Holders must go to the Concord office to renew their licenses.

Permanent residents, refugees, and asylees may apply for renewals at any DMV office.

What is the residency requirement?

RSA 21:6, RSA 259:88, Frequently Asked Questions About Establishing a Domicile/Residence in New Hampshire

At what age can I obtain a driver license?

16 years of age, provided you have successfully completed an approved driver education course.

What documents are necessary to obtain a New Hampshire driver license/Non-Driver Identification Card?

Please see our list of required documentation for the type of Driver License or Non-Driver ID you are applying for (REAL ID compliant, or non-compliant).

What tests will I need to complete?

The DMV administers three tests for Driver Licensing: a vision test, a knowledge test and a road test.

How can I obtain a New Hampshire motorcycle license?

Drivers who have either passed a motorcycle rider training program or taken and passed the motorcycle skills test at the DMV can apply for a motorcycle endorsement.

I have moved to New Hampshire. How long can I drive on my out-of-state driver license?

Sixty (60) days.

How can I obtain a New Hampshire Commercial Driver License (CDL)?

Please visit our Commercial Driver License section for detailed information on how to obtain a CDL.

What is a commercial motor vehicle?

RSA 259:12-e

I have lost or misplaced my driver license. How can I obtain a replacement?

If your license is lost, stolen or destroyed you must apply for a duplicate license.

My driver license has been suspended/revoked. What can I do?

Please visit our License Suspension section for more detailed information.

I am under suspension/revocation in another state. Can I obtain a New Hampshire driver license?

No. New Hampshire reciprocates with all other jurisdictions.

What can I do if I am temporarily out of the state at renewal time?

You may renew your driver license up to six (6) months before it expires. If you are unable to renew within that time period you can request a six (6) month extension.

I am in the armed forces and out-of-state. How can I renew my driver license?

Members of the armed forces are allowed to request a one-time out of state renewal.

I am the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces, and I am out of the state. How can I renew my driver license?

The spouse of an active duty member of the Armed Forces who is stationed out-of-state but who has already established New Hampshire residency, is eligible to renew his or her license by mail.

How can I obtain a Non-driver Identification card?

New Hampshire offers a non-driver photo identification card, to residents who do not qualify for a driver license.

I am not a New Hampshire resident. May I obtain a New Hampshire driver license?


How can I notify the DMV I have changed my name?

Name changes must be submitted in person within 30 days at any DMV office.

How can I notify the DMV of a change of address?

New Hampshire law requires the DMV be notified within 30 days of a change of address. Address changes must be submitted in person at any DMV office, or through the mail to our Concord office.