Respond to a Motor Vehicle Ticket Online

What you need to know when responding to a Motor Vehicle ticket online.

Unless you have been instructed to appear in court or respond to the court directly, you must respond to the ticket prior to thirty (30) days from the date of issuance shown on the front of the ticket/citation by entering a plea (Guilty, Nolo Contender, or Not Guilty) with the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles. An administrative late fee will be applied to citations not responded to within 30 days. Please see/read Timely Response.

Note: Any plea that results in a conviction may result in additional administrative action, including suspension of your license/operating privilege. Once your license/operating privilege is suspended, you will be charged a reinstatement fee of $100.00 by the Division of Motor Vehicles. This fee must be paid before your license/operating privileges will be restored (RSA 263:56-a).

To use NH DMV's Online Services to respond to a motor vehicle ticket, the following are required:

  • Valid email address
  • A legible copy of the ticket

To Pay a Ticket: Paying for a ticket requires a valid credit or debit card (you must be the authorized user of this card). A plea of Guilty or Nolo Contender must be entered:

  • All fines and/or penalties will be collected at the completion of the transaction.
  • No refunds unless authorized by the Department of Safety.


pay ticket online

To Plead Not Guilty: If you wish to challenge the citation given to you by law enforcement, your plea of Not Guilty will be forwarded to NH Circuit Court for processing.

  • No payment is due at this time.
  • If you are convicted by the NH Circuit Court, any fines and penalties will be assessed and collected by the Court.

plead not guilty

When responding to your ticket using NH DMV's Online Services, it is important to understand the following:

  • That the defendant who was issued the ticket, the defendant’s legal guardian, or person holding power of attorney on behalf of the defendant is the person completing the online process;
  • That the defendant has read and understands the penalties and fees outlined on the reverse of the ticket and acknowledges that suspension action may be initiated for failure to comply with or properly respond to the traffic citation(s) or complaint(s) listed herein;
  • That the defendant understands and acknowledges that the plea entered applies only to the transactions listed herein and has no effect on any other outstanding traffic citations or complaints issued to the defendant or any suspension or revocation actions, either in effect or pending, against the defendant’s license, operating privileges, or registration privileges, or any combination of those; and
  • That all information entered by the defendant herein is true and accurate to the best of the defendant’s knowledge and belief.