Pupil Transportation

What you need to know about the Pupil Transportation Unit.

The Pupil Transportation Unit oversees 100 public school bus companies. This unit is responsible for conducting criminal and motor vehicle background checks on over 4,400 school bus drivers who are employed in the State of New Hampshire.

The Pupil Transportation Unit oversees the inspection of over 2,900 school buses in the state. This Unit plays an integral role in the investigation of all school bus crashes, investigations and complaints related to school buses and school bus drivers. This unit also works in conjunction with local police departments and other state agencies.

The unit supervisor is also responsible for the training and certification of school bus drivers and school bus driver instructors in the state. Once per year, a 40-hour class is taught for the school bus training certificate.

Some of the Fiscal Year 2017 statistics are as follows:

  • Number of school bus drivers: 4,002.
  • MV Record/Criminal checks performed: 4,009.
  • Number of school buses inspected: 2,653.
  • Accident reports: 133.

For more information regarding Pupil Transportation, please call (603) 227-4085.