Vehicle Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Vehicle Registrations.

I am a New Hampshire resident. How do I register my vehicle?

Please visit our Vehicle Registrations page for detailed information.

I recently moved to New Hampshire. How can I register my vehicle?

Our New to New Hampshire page will provide you with detailed information.

How much are the fees to register my vehicle?

Registration fees differ for each vehicle. Contact your town or city office.

Where can I obtain information on the conservation (Moose) plate?

I am a New Hampshire resident currently  out-of-state, and my vehicle inspection has expired. What can I do?

The vehicle owner may complete a Permit to Operate an Uninspected Motor Vehicle (DSMV 354), and return it to:

NH Dept. of Safety
DMV - Registration
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305

You can also fax your request to (603) 271-1061.  The form will be approved and then mailed to the address indicated on the form.

I purchased a vehicle through a private sale. Can I drive it  without plates to get the vehicle home?

No, 20 (twenty) day temporary plate is required.

I am an out-of-state resident and purchased a vehicle through a  private sale in New Hampshire. How can I transport the vehicle home?

You may obtain a 20 (twenty) day In-Transit Temporary Plate.

I have moved to another state. Am I required to surrender my  plates?


Does New Hampshire require two  license plates to be displayed?


My license plate(s) is missing or damaged. How can I get a  replacement(s)?

Submit an Application For Replacement Plates and/or Decals (RDMV 125) to the DMV, Concord, or any registration office or any municipal agent office.

There is a replacement fee of $4.00 per plate. Once the form and fee are received, a paper plate and permit to operate the vehicle with one plate will be issued, until the replacement plate is received.

If both plates are missing or damaged, the fee is $8.00 and a replacement set of plates will be issued immediately.

I have lost my current registration. How can I obtain a  replacement?

Submit an Application for Copy of Registration (RDMV 110) along with a fee of $15.00, to the DMV, Concord, any registration office or any municipal agent office.

How can I obtain replacement decals?

Submit an Application for Replacement Plates and/or Decals (RDMV 125), along with a fee of $1.00, to the DMV, Concord, any registration office or any municipal agent office.

How can I notify the DMV of my change of address and/or name?

IndividualsSubmit a Record Change Request (DSMV 30). If you have changed your name, you must appear at the DMV, Concord, or any registration office, with a copy of legal documentation noting the change, such as a marriage certificate, civil union certificate or its equivalent, divorce decree, etc.

Corporate – Submit a Corporate Name/Address Change (RDMV 324) along with proof of the change to the: DMV, Concord.

  • Corporate name change: To change a corporate name, you must submit documentation of the official change from the Secretary of State ((603) 271-3242).
  • Proof of address change: Proof shall be a current utility bill, company letterhead, business card, etc.

When can I obtain different plates?

We do  allow midstream plate changes at an additional cost of $15.00. Depending on  plate type requested, additional fees may apply.