Insurance Requirements/SR-22 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Insurance Requirements/SR-22s

How long am I required to have an SR-22 insurance certificate?

Minimum filing periods are:

  • Three (3) years from the date of final conviction/crash involvement or administrative action requiring such proof.
  • If convicted of a Driving While Intoxicated Second Offense, 3 years from the date of eligibility for restoration.

Can my insurance company fax my SR-22 insurance certificate to the DMV?


I am an out-of-state resident and required to file an SR-22 insurance certificate in New Hampshire. Can this requirement be waived?

No, if you do not file the SR-22 certificate, your privilege to drive in New Hampshire will be suspended; your home state will be notified of the suspension.

I do not own a vehicle. How can I obtain an SR-22 insurance certificate?

You will be required to file an Operator's SR-22 Certificate of Insurance, which insures your driver license and/or your privilege to drive.

How can I be relieved of my SR-22 insurance certificate requirement?

Submit a written request including your name, address, and date of birth to:

NH Dept. of Safety
DMV - FR SR-22 Processing Section
23 Hazen Drive
Concord NH 03305
or call and speak with a customer service representative at (603) 227-4010