When a SR-22 (Proof of Insurance) is Required

When a SR-22 (Proof of Insurance) is Required

The Division of Motor Vehicles may require that persons have insurance (SR-22). If you fall under an insurance filing requirement, the Division of Motor Vehicles will notify you of this in writing.

A Driver Record Report will reflect whether or not an individual is required to file proof of insurance. This information is displayed either as: "No proof of financial responsibility is required" or "Proof of financial responsibility is required."


If you are placed under such a filing requirement, your license/operating and/or registration privileges cannot be restored or retained until this requirement is met.

If you are required to file proof of insurance with the Division of Motor Vehicles, you must contact an insurance representative/carrier to assist you in this process. The insurance company chosen must be licensed to do business in New Hampshire. The only document accepted is the uniform SR-22 certificate. This is not a form supplied by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Types of SR-22 Certificates

The DMV only recognizes the specific policy type listed on an SR-22 Certificate of Insurance. Those policy types are "Owner" and "Operator" SR-22. An "Owner SR-22" allows the person filing to own and register a vehicle as well as operate a motor vehicle. An "Operator SR-22" only allows the person filing to operate a motor vehicle. Please be advised that these terms may not be the same terms as an insurance company may use.

Certain Convictions that require filing proof of insurance (SR-22)

  • Any DWI.
  • Leaving Scene of Accident/Conduct After Accident.
  • Subsequent (2nd) offense Reckless Operation.