Hazmat Endorsement

Applicants for a Hazmat endorsement must pass a Hazardous Materials knowledge test to obtain or renew the endorsement. In addition, applicants are required to receive a Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) Fingerprint Clearance before applying for or renewing the endorsement.

Steps to Apply for or Renew a Hazmat Endorsement

  1. First time applicants for a Hazmat endorsement must pass an approved ELDT course.  For more information on ELDT, please visit: FMCSA, and FMCSA FAQs.
  2. Before coming the DMV, you must pre-register for a TSA Clearance by registering online at the Hazprints Website or contact a Hazprints representative by telephone at (855) 347-8371.
  3. The TSA will mail the results of the fingerprint assessment to you normally within 30 days. Once you receive your notification in the mail, you are eligible to apply for the endorsement at the DMV.
  4. Take the 30 question Hazmat Knowledge test. Please prepare for the test by studying the appropriate sections of the NH Commercial Driver Manual and Commercial Driver Manual Supplement .

Transfer a Hazmat Endorsement from Out-of-State

Drivers who hold a license in another state can transfer endorsements to a New Hampshire license without additional testing with the exception of the Hazmat endorsement. Drivers who wish to transfer a Hazmat endorsement from another state have to follow the steps listed above in order to transfer the Hazmat endorsement.

Non-Hazmat Fingerprinting

There are other professions such as nurses, day care providers and teachers who may require fingerprinting services. An individual who wants to have fingerprints taken for a Non-Hazmat related reason must contact NH State Police at (603) 223-3867 to set up an appointment.