Inspection Stations

General information regarding opening a New Hampshire authorized Inspection Station.

There are currently 2,400 Inspections Stations in the State of New Hampshire and each Inspection Station must renew their inspection license with the DMV by September 30 of each year; the fee is $25.00. All inspection stations must be registered with the Secretary of State, be approved by the local town or city for occupancy, as well as have a site visit by State Police in order to operate in the State of New Hampshire. There are different types of inspection stations: automobile, motorcycle, fleet, government, and replacement glass.

All inspection stations (with the exception of motorcycle) are required to obtain an OBD II computer from Gordon Darby. They may be reached at (800) 383-4124.

For more information regarding Inspection stations, please visit RSA 266:1 and Saf-C 3200.