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Did you know appointments are available for most DMV transactions? Please visit our Appointments and Services page for more information.

Convenient ways to complete your transaction:

  • Appointment:  For those transactions that are required to be in-person. 
  • Online: Customers are encouraged to utilize online services if eligible.
  • Drop Box:  Our drop boxes are located at full-time DMV locations around the State.
  • Mail:  Many transactions may be completed through the mail.
  • Walk-in:  Although walk-in services are available, customers with an appointment will be given priority.



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New Resident of New Hampshire?

New Resident of New Hampshire?

Once a person has established residency in New Hampshire, they have a maximum of 60 days to register his/her vehicle(s) and obtain a New Hampshire driver license. Read more about what you need to do to establish residence in New Hampshire.

What is REAL ID?

What is REAL ID?

Effective May 7, 2025, a REAL ID Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card, or a Passport will be required to board an airplane for domestic flights or enter a secure federal facility. Your current Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card will be accepted until May 7, 2025.

Your REAL ID Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card will be marked with a star in the top right corner to indicate it may be used for federal identification.

For more information, please visit our Real ID page.

Motorcycle Rider Training

Riding Season is Here!

Please head over to our detailed training website for the season calendar, registration form and other information to get you on your way to a great riding season. Learn more about motorcycle rider training.